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Home Remedies for Constipation Constipation Relief Tips

Home Remedies for Constipation Constipation Relief Tips 

Irregularity amounts to constipation. Constipation is related to the digestive system. It is a condition that affects the individual by a hardening of feces, which experience biological difficulty in egesting. Extreme discomfort and outright pain is inflicted upon the afflicted. If not treated, in its early stages by home remedies for constipation bowel obstruction can develop. Dietary, hormonal, anatomical, side effects of medications, illnesses or disorder are the major causes of constipation.
Amid the process of considerations towards home remedies for constipation is for the ailing individual to initially identify the circumstances of their respective condition. Defining constipation is realized through the following determinations inconsistent movement of the bowels, as in three or less fecal evacuations within a week; complications upon defecation, involving considerable straining or pushing, at a minimum of higher intensity of twenty-five percent, associated with a internal sensing of hardened stools; upon the process of defecation, an insufficient evacuation of the bowels. Hence, as the afflicted has ascertained the intensity of the constipation, a better judgment can be implored in a treatment within home remedies for constipation.
Detecting the cause of an individual's constipation is quite significant, in both alleviating and avoiding a reoccurrence of the condition within the digestive system. Such self-analysis will significantly aid in the choice of home remedies for constipation. The more common contributors to bouts of constipation include inadequate chewing of food; lack of ample ingest of fluids in creating dehydration; excessive mineral intakes of aluminum, calcium and iron; limited or decreased locomotion in physical activity; onset of hypothyroidism, in decreasing the actions of the thyroid glands; hypokalemia; injury to the anus and sphincter; prescriptions, to include codeine, loperamide, morphine, and particular antidepressants of a tricyclic composition; underlying illnesses; inherent and acute porphyria; unintentional poisoning through lead; suppressed defecation, clinically termed as dyschezia; intestinal or rectal constrictions, which impede the passage of feces; Strictures, clinically referred to as stenosis; diverticula, whereas certain food particles become trapped within various pockets of the digestive system; tissues involving the areas of the bowels in the development of tumors; a foreign matter of embodiment, termed as a bezoar; anxiety or unfamiliarity with environment, clinically referred to as psychosomatic constipation; irritable bowel syndrome, that is associated with constipation of a predominant circumstance, to include intense abdominal pain and discomfort; cessation of the smoking of tobacco; surgery to the abdomen; and childbirth. Some form of home remedies for constipation can aid all of the proceeding maladies.
For those individuals who are not presenting complex medical problems, though are suffering from constipation, can greatly benefit from a number of practical and dietary consumables as home remedies for constipation. In such proven argument against over-the-counter and non-prescribed usage of retail laxatives, as these forms of relief from constipation can lead to an issue, whereas the action of the chronically afflicted individual's bowels develop a co-dependency upon increased use of such formulations. Therefore, in normal case scenarios, home remedies for constipation are the options preferred by general consensus. Such forms of natural intervention, in the alleviation of constipation, include the afflicted individual's adequate intake of liquids, mainly good quality water, along with fibers from a dietary source. The fiber options are merely the inclusion of ample vegetables, fruits and whole grain breads, to incorporate a better balance in the daily diet, along with such considerations in supplementing the diet of the ailing with linseeds, all, to encourage the natural approach towards home remedies for constipation.
Other approaches in the relieving of constipation, from an alternative and practical mode, which supports physical or mechanical home remedies for constipation include such supportive treatments as colonic irrigation; enemas of naturally-based composition; adequate exercise; diet budgeting, as to balance intake, as appropriate; and certain herbs.
Focusing on exercise as to one of the natural relievers in pursuit of home remedies for constipation, is, perhaps, more of a preventative measure towards the avoidance in the progressive development of undesirable constipation. Exercising, among home remedies for constipation can be tailored to suit any or most individuals' lifestyles to some level or degree.
In conclusion, barring other medical issues that may possibly contribute or complicate, where constipation is an issue, home remedies for constipation is among the optimal choices.
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Home Remedy For Constipation

Pretty much everyone is looking for a simple home remedy for constipation as it is such an embarrassing and often frustrating condition.
Constipation is easily defined as having a bowel movement fewer than three times per week. With constipation stools are usually hard, dry, small in size, and difficult to remove. Some people who are constipated find it quite painful to have a bowel movement and often experience straining, bloating, and the sensation of a full bowel.
If you are wondering what has been causing your frustrating constipation the following should help you:
not enough fiber in the diet
lack of physical activity (especially in the elderly)
irritable bowel syndrome
changes in life or routine such as pregnancy, aging, and travel
abuse of laxatives
ignoring the urge to have a bowel movement
specific diseases or conditions, such as stroke (most common)
problems with the colon and rectum
problems with intestinal function (chronic idiopathic constipation)
People struggling with constipation have been blowing big cash on Over The Counter products, mainly laxatives. Alone in America the annual expenditure on laxitives is well over $750 Million.
But dont fret, you dont need to fork out hundreds of dollars for repeated usage of laxatives to temporarily fix your pain, you can simply use some of my tips discussed later on.
The main ways you can go about getting rid of your constipation are:
Diet - Start eating High-fiber foods including beans, whole grains and bran cereals, fresh fruits, and vegetables such as asparagus, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and carrots. For people continually getting constipation, limit foods with minuscule or no amount of fiber content namely dairy products, meat and processed foods.
Lifestyle changes - Including exercising more frequently this is a big one because people
who are struck with illness and cannot exercise much often come down with constipation, it is not known why but is a given fact. Drink lots of fluid, including fruit and vegetable juices if possible.
Here are a couple of home remedies for constipation
Drink a glass of metamucil at night.
Drink 2-3 glasses hot water in the morning.
1. Lie flat on the ground on your back. While inhaling, lift your left foot towards your chest very slowly.
2. Hold your foot to your chest with your hands for 10 seconds (hold your breath).
3. Slowly release the foot while exhaling.
4. Repeat steps 1-2 with the other foot.
You will keep passing gas while doing the above. Keep doing steps 1-4 until the pressure builds up.
Another home remedy for constipation
For constipation to stay regular or to clean your system take glass of water and squeeze a half of a lemon or lime and half of a teaspoon of sugar and mix it then drink it before any breakfast or drink in the morning and you will see the results. And if you are not regular then slice a whole tomato put some salt and eat it in the morning before any meal or drink. guaranteed
If you would like more information on the home remedy for constipation please check out my blog at the link below.
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Home Remedies For Constipation - Chinese Style

These traditional Chinese home remedies for constipation are easy to prepare, safe and effective. Most of them are made from common ingredients with natural, bowel lubricating and moistening actions. Others are exercises and massage techniques you can do to help move your bowels. Also included here is advice on eliminating and relieving primary causes of constipation. This is absolutely necessary if you want to have regular bowel movements AND you want these home remedies for constipation relief to work well. After all, what's the point in taking a remedy for constipation while at the same time continuing to, for instance, eat foods that cause or contribute to the problem?
Natural Remedies and Constipation
Some of these are adult constipation remedies only, however some may be given to both adults and children. Start with a remedy you feel fits your particular needs and stick with it for a while. If you've also made some dietary and lifestyle modifications, as outlined below, and it still doesn't work then try another remedy. Be patient though - blocked, constipated bowels usually take months, or years, to manifest, so don't expect to reverse your condition overnight!
Home Remedies For Constipation
Remedy One: Honey Tea
Add 3 grams of green tea leaves and a tablespoon of honey to a mug of hot water. Wait several minutes. Drink warm after meals. Moistens the intestines and frees the stools. Particularly suitable for constipation in the elderly and constipation after child birth.
Remedy Two: Honey & Sesame Oil Drink
Add a tablespoon of honey and a dash of sesame oil to a mug of hot water. Stir well. Repeat every morning before breakfast. Moistens the intestines and frees the stools. Especially suitable for habitual constipation with dry stools.
Remedy Three: Sweet Mulberry Drink
Bring two bowls of water to the boil. Add 60 grams of fresh, ripe, dark mulberries. Continue boiling till one bowl of liquid is left. Strain the dregs, and add white or crystal sugar to taste. Drink frequently. Suitable for adults and children.
Remedy Four: Molasses Drink
Add two tablespoons of molasses to a glass of warm water and stir. Drink twice daily. One of the mildest yet most reliable home remedies for constipation. Suitable for adults and children - give children just one spoon of molasses though.
Remedy Five: Banana & Fig Smoothie
Not really a traditional Chinese home remedy for constipation but effective, and highly nutritious, all the same. Put 2 or 3 fresh figs or dates, a very ripe banana, a spoon of honey or molasses and a cup of water into a blender. Mix well and drink once a day or so. Suitable for adults and children.
Remedy Six: Senna Leaf Tea
Put 1-3 grams of Senna leaf in a mug and add hot water. Let steep for several minutes before drinking. One of the most powerful, natural home remedies for constipation. Good for moving hard stools with signs of heat in the body, e.g. a red face, feeling hot, bad breath, dark yellowish urine. Senna leaf is a strong laxative and not recommended for long term use, though, or during pregnancy or menstruation, or by those who are weak from illness or constitutionally weak.
Remedy Seven: Spinach Soup
Make a simple spinach and water soup and add a little salt. Another gentle yet effective home remedy for constipation relief - soothes and stimulates your bowels. You may also add carrot to the soup to further stimulate and soothe your bowels. Suitable for adults and children.
As mentioned, above, in addition to taking home remedies for constipation relief you should try to identify and eliminate the cause of your constipation. Diet is usually the primary cause, i.e. excessive eating of nutritionally dead foods such as white bread, cakes, cookies, pastries, candy, over cooked foods, over cooked meats and too many pasteurized dairy products like milk, all of which do little more than clog up your colon. The closer your food is to its natural state the better is for you AND your colon!
Emotional stress is another common cause of constipation. Breathing exercises and acupressure are simple yet highly effective ways to deal with stress, anxiety, negative emotions, nervousness and worry.
Additionally, your body likes regularity so you should try to eat at set times and empty your bowels at set times, e.g. sit on the toilet every morning at the same time regardless of whether or not you feel you need to go.
To your health!
Matthew Scott is a professionally trained Chinese medicine practitioner from Australia, now living in China. Websites: http://ww .chinese-herbal-remed and Chinese-health -exercis es. com

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12 Common Home Remedies for Constipation

This article is dedicated to the best Home Remedies for Constipation. First of all let me tell you what is Constipation?

Constipation is one of the most ordinary digestive disorders. Constipation is most ordinary in children and older people, and affects women more than men.
Constipation is identified when bowel movements are difficult, hard, or painful. Constipation is also a moderately common complaint among children, affecting up to an estimated 10 percent at some point.
Constipation may cause abdominal pain and swelling in some people. Constipation can lead to a build up of toxins, which can cause many health problems. Constipation mostly refers to a reduction in the frequency of bowel motions or increased difficulty passing stools.
Most cases of constipation are due to the less fibre included in diet.
However, some cases of constipation may be due to a severe problem such as colon cancer. Nausea, headache and malaise (general feeling of discomfort) may be linked with constipation.
Most people have at least three bowel movements weekly, but some people have lesser and would not be detected with constipation. Most individuals with constant constipation build up a variety of symptoms, ranging from abdominal pain, rectal discomfort, and abdominal fullness and bloating, nausea, and loss of appetite to a common feeling of malaise.
Complications of Constipation
Difficulties of constipation include hemorrhoids (which are caused by straining to have a bowel movement) and anal fissures (which are tears in the skin around the anus). Causes Constipation occurs when the large intestine sucks up too much water from the stool to make it dry and hard or the bowel walls cannot contract adequately to pass the stool and waste products along fast enough
Diet for Constipation Sufferers
If your constipation is associated to diet, however, simple additions of fiber-rich foods and non-dehydrated fluids are your best way of treatment.
Drink abundance of Purified Water
One of the main causes of constipation is a shortage of hydration. You should drink 6 to 8 glasses of purified water each day to encourage a healthy bowel. Adding lots of water is always superior in the diet for constipation sufferers.
Five servings of all-natural fruits and vegetables each day can develop your bowel
Here is a list of some best Home Remedies for Constipation:

 Fiber is brilliant for largely intestinal health and for alleviating chronic constipation so try to include fibre in your diet. .
2) 8 ounce of milk should be mixed with about 3 ounces of prune juice in addition to little drops of licorice extract and should be taken in morning to treat constipation as soon as possible. This is simple and effective Home Remedy for Constipation.
3) Drink each morning on an empty stomach, humid water mixed with 1 teaspoon of olive oil and half a lemon juice.
4) One good Home Remedy for Constipation is to Drink lemon juice mixed with warm water two to three times a day.
5) Another remedy is to drink one liter of warm water and walk around for a few minutes instantly after waking up early in the morning.
6) Immerse 10-12 big raisins in a cup of milk and bring to boil, first eat the raisins then drink the milk.
7) Mix 2 tsp husk seed (Isabgol) in 1/2 a cup of hot milk and drink instantly. This is effective Home Remedy for Constipation.
8) Mix 1/4 teaspoon of Epsom salt to 1/2 a glass of water and drink (bitter but wonderful).
9) Mix 1/4 teaspoon dry ginger powder with a pinch of asafoetida and a bit of black salt in a little warm water and sip it. This is simple Home Remedy for Constipation.
10) One or two teaspoons of aloe gel can be taken two times in a day.
11) Pears are valuable in the treatment of constipation. Patients suffering from chronic constipation should accept an exclusive diet of this fruit or it's juice for a few days, but in usual cases, a medium-sized pear taken after dinner or with breakfast will have the preferred effect.
12) Guava is a further helpful Home Remedy for Constipation. When eaten with seeds, it offers roughage to the diet and helps in the usual evacuation of the bowels. One or two guavas must be taken every day.
Dr John Anne is an Ayurvedic doctor having years of experience in the field of Ayurveda and Alternative medicine. Find out more Home Remedies for Constipation at http://www .natural - homeremedies.   org He has an exclusive website on Home Remedies for various diseases. You can also contribute to the Home remedies by visiting the website.

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